LCD Screen Repair







Have you accidentally dropped your laptop, Mac, I Phone, I Pad only to discover that the LCD screen has shattered? Don’t worry there is hope, Direct Computer can fix broken laptop LED and LCD screens Repair guaranteed. If your laptop screen is damaged, cracked, or broken, we can replace it with a new one.

Broken Laptop Screen?
The laptop notebook screen is a very delicate hardware component. Due to the convenience of mobility with a laptop or notebook, damaging the LCD screen can happen very easily. Breaking, cracking, damaging or just a simple no video black screen on a laptop is very common.  Just drop a laptop or notebook computer once, and there is a good chance you cracked the LCD screen.

Laptop screens are notoriously fragile, and the thinner laptops or Ultra-books, iPad, iPhone are even easier to break. Cracked screen repairs are one of the most common procedures we do at Direct Computer.

How Much The LCD Screen or Battery Replacement Cost?

When the Liquid crystal display screen inside a laptop computer is cracked, there isn’t significantly a lot more to do about it other than merely replacing it. The price for that LCD screen by itself depends on the size, make and the model of the replacement screen. Direct Computer can replace an average laptop screen for approximately $175-$240, that includes the LCD screen installation fee. iPad, iPhone, Microsoft Surface LCD and Battery replacement Please call us to get an estimation.

New LCD Screens are special order items. With that in mind, total completion time with ordering, receiving, and installing new LCD screen is normally less than 12 Hours most LCD in stock if not in Three days to one week.

Call KSK Computers for laptop, Mac, I Phone, I Pad and Microsoft Surface screen repair and Battery replacement at an affordable price! Tel. (514) 803-8944.